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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Some Cool Pics from the past, ..and now..............

So this is a recent picture. Alex likes to snuggle in bed with Ken. She says that the air mattress that keeps fluctuating the circulation in different places, is comfy. Ken's face looks so peaceful here, not many wrinkles. When he is tired, he has many wrinkles. So this is such a sweet shot. Don't you think?
Last year pictures , I beleive, from in the garden. Maybe a couple of years ago?? Ken loves gardening and always wanted to retire doing the gardening for a place like the Biltmore. One of his goals now , is to look at the garden from the front of the house. Then he wants to make it outside to see, and after that, to actually get his hands in the dirt:)

Larissa now is the main gardener, clearing out the beds...
Since we live in an area with lots of slate, Ken loves to collect the slate and build walls around the gardens, and pathways here and there. Maybe he will still continue to do this, if he can continue to build up his strength.
Our soil is so fertile, and flowers grow profusely. The challenge is the weeding, to keep things from becoming overgrown, shoving out the beautiful zinneas that I love to line the gardens with. His famous last words,"I'll move it before it gets too big". :)
His Mom looking on.
I love the designing of the outside, but not the work in the hot sun. Not after getting multiple tick bites causing horrible Lyme disease symptoms. I don't mind a little work, but do not like an overgrown garden. I like a lot more space.

What do you like to do?


Dan & Nicole Hanlin said...

I love the pic of Alex and Ken, that will be a treasure for forever! Hope all is well, and wanted you to know we were thinking about you all and praying too.

Lydia said...


Diva Kreszl said...

so sweet, the picture of Ken and Alex! lovely gardens too, I love gardening but the work gets harder each year! continuing to keep you all in my prayers :)

Lydia said...


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