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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Some Cool Pics from the past, ..and now..............

So this is a recent picture. Alex likes to snuggle in bed with Ken. She says that the air mattress that keeps fluctuating the circulation in different places, is comfy. Ken's face looks so peaceful here, not many wrinkles. When he is tired, he has many wrinkles. So this is such a sweet shot. Don't you think?
Last year pictures , I beleive, from in the garden. Maybe a couple of years ago?? Ken loves gardening and always wanted to retire doing the gardening for a place like the Biltmore. One of his goals now , is to look at the garden from the front of the house. Then he wants to make it outside to see, and after that, to actually get his hands in the dirt:)

Larissa now is the main gardener, clearing out the beds...
Since we live in an area with lots of slate, Ken loves to collect the slate and build walls around the gardens, and pathways here and there. Maybe he will still continue to do this, if he can continue to build up his strength.
Our soil is so fertile, and flowers grow profusely. The challenge is the weeding, to keep things from becoming overgrown, shoving out the beautiful zinneas that I love to line the gardens with. His famous last words,"I'll move it before it gets too big". :)
His Mom looking on.
I love the designing of the outside, but not the work in the hot sun. Not after getting multiple tick bites causing horrible Lyme disease symptoms. I don't mind a little work, but do not like an overgrown garden. I like a lot more space.

What do you like to do?

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

5 Days no hematuria...and counting

Ken with his Mom in Hawaii a few years back.

Ken had a great occupational therapy day, and he is starting on low dosage iron. He has been rallying for about a week now. The lack of internal bleeding is very nice, and we hope that it continues. It certainly inspires the Hospice people.

I knew when I heard her voice on the telephone, that he would like her- the occupational therapist, that is. And she knows my dear friend, Sevan. Small world.There are so many nice people that we have encountered, but some have a very sweet and gentle, yet lilting voice. He responds extremely well for them. Everyone in ICU  in NC was amazing, yet there was this one blondie- well he just smiled the moment she would enter the room!

At NRH there were sooo many nice people also, (and a few you might want to teach a good work ethic to, but we'll not go there), but some had the same lilting, sweet voice, and whamo- he worked for them and responded every time!

If he could regain his strength and health, then the long road to recovery with his brain and being cognizant of his world, would be made a bit easier. I pray that he makes leaps and bounds in his cognitive functioning. Ken is a good man, but he is a different person today than he has ever been. The work ahead may be truly monumental, if recovery is the path that God chooses for him.

He received a couple of very nice, cheering emails today from important people from his past. He was touched, and their words meant a lot to him. What an amazing community of family and friends. A good friend , after one of our parties, commented about those in attendance. He said they were such wonderful people, the salt of the earth. (Of course, that friend is one of them, as well). Thank you to all our salty friends and family...hahaha... old or new, from the past or present, each and every one of you.:)

We are truly blessed.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Gorgeous Peach Roses 5 days fresh from Ecuador...

Go to to snag these gorgeous roses. These amazing flowers are cut fresh from the farms in Ecuador, hydrated, and shipped to you within 5 days! Pat and Sam Succar, who donated these beautiful roses for the fundraiser, generously gifted us the same. The Succars are the sweetest couple, and I dare say that they are sweeter than these gorgeous flowers, and well, you can see that these flowers are tremendously SWEET!

Thank you Pat and Sam...and it was so nice meeting you at AHC. Our kitchen smells wonderful, and Ken can see and appreciate them daily!

Our flowers sit beautifully in the crystal vase that Ken was given with the Courage Award just 2 1/2 weeks ago by the Mid-Atlantic Tennis and Education Foundation.

People are amazing, and we truly are blessed in so many ways. Thank you all.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Poach for the Coach

UPDATE: Click HERE for a link to much better pictures of the event. (courtesy of Anh Vu)

This past Saturday, March 6, a FUN-draiser was held at the Aspen Hill Club, by the AMAZING tennis memers/friends we have at the Club. All of the proceeds benefit our family. I cannot tell you how much time and energy and love all of the volunteers of the event put in, it was simply amazing!

Here are a few pictures, more pictures and some videos will be coming soon!

Set up in the Main Lobby.

Silent Auction Area

More Silent Auction

On the right, Bev who organized the Silent Auction.

Sol and Stephanie

It's starting to get crowded.

Greg and Barb Dawson a.k.a. the Masterminds of the entire event.

Little Ellie!

Ardi, Elena and Ellie came all the way up from Virginia, with Lydia and Aunt June and Uncle Gene.

Our form of a Mulligan.

More set up.

One of the cute centerpieces.

Lots of people!


KG's BFF Jeff and Alex

Write a Note to KG-this was filled by the end of the night. He has enjoyed reading what everyone wrote.

Serge testing out the Speed Gun.

Greg Dawson testing out the Speed Gun.

On court, getting directions from Geoff.


more drills

drills in the bubble

A big THANK YOU to everyone who was involved in organizing the event, the pros who helped to run it and all of the friends and family who came out to support KEN!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Courage Award

On Saturday, February 27, Ken was honored with the Courage Award from the Mid-Atlantic Tennis and Education Foundation. In 2008 Ken received the Lifetime Achievement award from the MATEF.

Lydia, Alex, Larissa, Serge and Ken's mom Janet went to the event held at the Army Navy Country Club in Arlington, VA.

Also in attendance at the Aspen Hill table were Danielle, Ruth, Joe Mesmer, Jeff and Sarah Klein. 

Alex, Sarah and Larissa

Jeff accepted the award on KG's behalf. 

This very nice crystal vase in sitting on out kitchen table with some beautiful roses from the Succar's. 

There was a Poach for the Coach flyer in the program...very cool. 

Besides many of the attendees in our group getting lost going to, or leaving Army Navy, everyone had a nice time. The food was delicious, especially the mini crab cakes!

Ken's sisters Alison and Debbie were home with Ken laughing and joking the whole night. Ken waited up until everyone got home to get updates about the event. He was so excited to hear all about everything that happened! 


Today, Sunday, March 7, KG had a few visitors.

Sarah and Donna Klein visited and brought some delicious bagels and muffins.

Cousin Christine

Cousin Steven

Visiting from Delaware, they brought a yummy lunch from The Main Cup in Middletown.

And all the way from Connecticut, Dr. Pheffer!

KG was pretty quiet today, but he had a great time with all of his visitors. Thank you for coming!

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