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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

5 Days no hematuria...and counting

Ken with his Mom in Hawaii a few years back.

Ken had a great occupational therapy day, and he is starting on low dosage iron. He has been rallying for about a week now. The lack of internal bleeding is very nice, and we hope that it continues. It certainly inspires the Hospice people.

I knew when I heard her voice on the telephone, that he would like her- the occupational therapist, that is. And she knows my dear friend, Sevan. Small world.There are so many nice people that we have encountered, but some have a very sweet and gentle, yet lilting voice. He responds extremely well for them. Everyone in ICU  in NC was amazing, yet there was this one blondie- well he just smiled the moment she would enter the room!

At NRH there were sooo many nice people also, (and a few you might want to teach a good work ethic to, but we'll not go there), but some had the same lilting, sweet voice, and whamo- he worked for them and responded every time!

If he could regain his strength and health, then the long road to recovery with his brain and being cognizant of his world, would be made a bit easier. I pray that he makes leaps and bounds in his cognitive functioning. Ken is a good man, but he is a different person today than he has ever been. The work ahead may be truly monumental, if recovery is the path that God chooses for him.

He received a couple of very nice, cheering emails today from important people from his past. He was touched, and their words meant a lot to him. What an amazing community of family and friends. A good friend , after one of our parties, commented about those in attendance. He said they were such wonderful people, the salt of the earth. (Of course, that friend is one of them, as well). Thank you to all our salty friends and family...hahaha... old or new, from the past or present, each and every one of you.:)

We are truly blessed.


Dan & Nicole Hanlin said...

I just had a nice chat with Lydia about Ken, and was pleased to hear how well he is doing. Hang in there everybody! You get your strength from God and each other. Our prayers are with you all. Call anytime!

Lydia said...

thanx for you help. Everything worked out fine:)

The Greenwell's said...


I just wanted to let you know that I pray for KG and you guys all the time. I hope you don't mind me peeking in to see how he's doing.

Diva Kreszl said...

glad to hear Ken is doing a bit better, I continue to hold you all in my prayers sweey Lydia!

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