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Monday, March 8, 2010

Poach for the Coach

UPDATE: Click HERE for a link to much better pictures of the event. (courtesy of Anh Vu)

This past Saturday, March 6, a FUN-draiser was held at the Aspen Hill Club, by the AMAZING tennis memers/friends we have at the Club. All of the proceeds benefit our family. I cannot tell you how much time and energy and love all of the volunteers of the event put in, it was simply amazing!

Here are a few pictures, more pictures and some videos will be coming soon!

Set up in the Main Lobby.

Silent Auction Area

More Silent Auction

On the right, Bev who organized the Silent Auction.

Sol and Stephanie

It's starting to get crowded.

Greg and Barb Dawson a.k.a. the Masterminds of the entire event.

Little Ellie!

Ardi, Elena and Ellie came all the way up from Virginia, with Lydia and Aunt June and Uncle Gene.

Our form of a Mulligan.

More set up.

One of the cute centerpieces.

Lots of people!


KG's BFF Jeff and Alex

Write a Note to KG-this was filled by the end of the night. He has enjoyed reading what everyone wrote.

Serge testing out the Speed Gun.

Greg Dawson testing out the Speed Gun.

On court, getting directions from Geoff.


more drills

drills in the bubble

A big THANK YOU to everyone who was involved in organizing the event, the pros who helped to run it and all of the friends and family who came out to support KEN!


Laurie said...

You have the most amazing community of friends!

Ana said...

I'm so happy that all these wonderful events are happening to Ken. It must make him feel soooo good, like he accomplished something in life! That's more than most people can say! He is a very lucky man to have friends who care and appreciate him for all that he's done.

Jann said...

Wonderful event and photos! You are so cute, Lydia--hope your hubby is feeling better!

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