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Monday, April 12, 2010

Sorry for not posting recently...

Flowers from Pat and Dennis. They lasted for so very long. What a delight! Just beautiful!
Spring creeping in. Buds upon the trees.Doesn't everyone sleep with a kitty at their head? Cats are supposed to be good especially for healing bones,etc.. Guess he is helping heal Ken's brain and what not.:)

So Ken certainly has his ups and downs. He caught the kids' colds last week and was extremely grumpy and tired, that I cancelled his PT and OT for the week. Now he's cutting off circulation in one leg. No blood clot. He scrunches up holding his legs with his hands. What a pretzel! we constantly stretch him out.

It has been about 31 days without hematuria. Yeah!!! And the color of things looks VERY good!!! OK, so I'm talking in code to not be too graphic...hehe

I took him off the Protocel for about 5 days to give him the CoQ10(as it would negate the Protocel). What a difference cognitively. Will do it again soon. Put him back on the Protocel when we realized that his deep voice was actually congestion. But he is so good at getting the nasty stuff off his chest. Always has been. Lungs are good and clear.

So he asked how he was doing today. He is Getting Better---looks that way to us all. It sure is a slow process, but we revel in the baby steps. Don't like the swelling in the foot,etc. Will ask for the massage therapist again, so that the flow can start going the right way again.

Jeff, Emma, and Sarah came over on Sunday. Jeff heard that Ken loves to garden, and has been talking about gardening, so he went and picked up an indoor garden with about 14 varieties of flowers and herbs. It has heating pads, and a lid to keep the moisture in. Ken liked putting his fingers in the soil. Trying to motivate him to work hard at getting better.

It must be such a battle in his head, as the right brain is so comfy and cozy, and a nice place to hang out. He also likes hearing about Serge's exploits on his local tennis team as the #1 boys singles player. So far he is 5 and 2. Yoo Hoo! He does NOT like me telling anyone about how he is doing....oops! sorry Serge...slyly she said.:)


Jann said...

Thinking of you guys and so glad to hear Ken is getting better!

Laurie said...

This is all so positive! I'm so happy. Keep up the good work, Ken!

Lydia said...

Thank you guys! xoxoxo

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