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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Serge Wins Counties!!!

A very sweet victory was had by Serge, sophmore, playing #1 Boys Singles for his HS Tennis Team. 3-6,6-0,6-3.

Serge had won a thrilling match during the season with another school, but injured his arm. So when he played this opponent the 1st time, his hand started to cramp, and he lost the match. When they met again, they had split sets, and were 4-all in the 3rd set. That's when the same hand cramped so badly that Serge could not even hold his racket, and had to retire. He felt so badly.

But this opponent's coach would cheer all of Serge's errors/faults. She was loud and constant. I said something to Serge's coaches, and at the 2nd meeting, Serge said something to another player watching in the sidelines who was doing the same 'bad cheering' as the coach. He had had enough and said something to this teammate of his opponent, who's coach was right nearby! She proceeded to say something to the effect of, "Yeah, that's , uh, not the right thing to, uh, do..."

And who was the boy's coach? His mother!!!

It was great having Jeff come and support him, although he blames Serge for not being able to get to Costco in time before they closed, because of the 3 setter!!! Hahahaha

Serge had dedicated the match to Ken.

So, next week Regionals!! Yoo Hoo!

Ken is surely smiling down from Heaven.

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