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Thursday, February 18, 2010

A Visit from his Mom...and the battle to eat and drink

Ken at his Mom's on Thanksgiving. The day before his stroke,etc..
High Point,NC where the hospital was- also the furniture capital on the East Coast. I think it is an actual building.
Kiska looking very cute. He and Puma have been keeping Ken company on the bed. But , it took Kiska 3 days to cozy up to Ken. He snubbed him for being away from us for so long. He just missed him so much.
So Ken's Mom came in yesterday from NC. It's been a great help to have her here. First thing she said was Hi Ken-Ken. That's what she called him when he was a very little guy. But it has been a struggle to get him to eat and drink, and he gets upset with us for trying. The kids tell him he has no choice. But it is still difficult. He is skinny. Very skinny.

We make him these shakes that he loves, yet he gets full quickly. But, he's survived on shakes and ginger ale before. Serge made him eat his dinner. Ken said that he was going to hit someone, because Serge wanted him to eat. His blood pressure was fairly low tonite- the systolic , that is.

Lord have Mercy on us all.


ARDIE said...

Hang in there Leroy Flake.
I'll be in Arlington next weekend doing a show.
I'm gonna come and see you on Sunday the 28th

Jann said...

Love you, Lydia . . . keep your chin up--I know that sounds trite, but I have faith in you. Hugs, Jann

Laurie said...

Just keep it up. You're doing great.

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