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Sunday, February 21, 2010

If you'd like to come and visit Ken, come now.

Ken has been dehydrating, and slipping in and out of things. If you'd like to come and visit, please give a call, and a very short visit can be arranged.

He said that it would be nice to see friends and family.

So last night he didn't sleep well, and when I came and checked it was already necessary to help clean him up. One of those times, he was at the end of the bed. He told me that he wanted to go home.' Did I have a car so we could go home?' I told him that we were home. He insisted further, and I told him that we were already in our home, as the tears dropped out like pudding from a bowl. It was so hard, and I was so tired.

Putting the sheets and clothing into the washer-the middle of the night- I sobbed , while in the laundry room, that I just wanted my Ken. I asked him where my Ken was, and he told me that he didn't know. Then he asked me,' well, if we were home, who was that girl'- and he pointed to the wall and ceiling- 'over there?'

We have had lots of times like this. With dehydration, comes confusion. And he has been dehydrated a few times. Hopefully, they will get the orders to hydrate him tomorrow. It always takes so long to get doctors to order things- whether in the hospital, or through hospice. Over the weekend, the only way is to bring him to the hospital, and that would just be too traumatic for him, wearing him out even more. His comfort is our top priority.


Laurie said...

Lydia, you are not alone in your sorrow. Hugs.

Jann said...

Oh, Lydia, my heart goes out to you--I am so sorry, I know this is really, really hard on you--you have to know that, even though Ken is struggling, he loves you very, very much. God is watching over you all; there is no doubt of that in my mind . . . Hugs and prayers always, Jann

Josephine said...

Lydia....My name is
Josephine Ferreri and I grew up with Kenny. In 4th grade we began Christ the King School and a group of us became a posey of best friends. We grew up together in a way that was better then winning lotto.

My thoughts and prayers are with Kenny and your family....and especially with you.
As the main care taker, you face overwhelming challenges. You probably wonder sometimes how you even put one foot in front of the other and go from one nano-second to the next.

I will be checking in on the site and thank Ardie for letting me know about its existence.

If I can do anything....let me know....I know I am here in NY....but never know!

Friendship, prayers, peace and love, Jo

Lydia said...

Josephine, Thank you so much. So amazing to hear of people remembering him since 4th grade! I will surely tell him.

I am touched.

Lydia said...
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