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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

5 Months Yesterday

So it is almost a year from the anniversary of his massive stroke. If seeing what happened to Ken doesn't make you stop smoking ,(for those who do), then I don't know what would.

Life goes on.It is not easy for anyone in the family, and certainly harder for others.

Be well. Make good from the bad. Always find the open window. xoxoxo


Jann said...

Oh, Lydia . . . I am thinking of you . . .
I totally agree with you, by the way, about the smoking--every time I see someone smoking, especially young people, I just want to grab their cigarettes and throw them away and say, "Do you have any idea of what you are doing to your body?!!!" I know it's a horrible addiction with some, but like my mom told me many years ago, "Don't every start, and then you won't have to stop." My dad smoked and got lung cancer, and died a very sad, painful death. It still hurts my heart so much, thinking that he probably would still be alive and well if he'd listened to us begging him to stop. Well, I love what you said about making good from the bad. Always find the open window--I really, really like that--thank you. Love, Jann

Jann said...

Whoops--that was, "Don't EVER start and you won't ever have to quit!"

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