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Monday, June 7, 2010

New Music, New Words, New Life...

Ken in Moscow in '80s.
Right before our wedding in the US, taken in Ecuador. ('83)

Picture of Ken from '79 or '80, taken in Virginia Beach.
Please know that we are all so very grateful for all your emails, cards, flowers, gifts, kind words, hugs, kisses, hand squeezes, and prayers. I will write more when I am ready. Please come back and visit. I will be changing the banner words, and want to tell you about his last days here with us.

Many of you know how Ken interviewed tennis players and wrote articles in tennis publications. After my Mom's funeral in '99 he started to interview the elders in his family. He would then reproduce these and pass them out as gifts to family members.

As one might imagine, no one was able to interview Ken. So, I have decided to interview him through his family and friends. If anyone cares to send in stories, memories, thoughts, conversations, that they would like to share, please email me at, or stop anything off to Alex at the club. Of course, there is always snail mail. Just drop a note or comment if you need particulars.

Two things:

1) Ken and I always wanted to have tennis parties here. Think next May, 2011, and of course, you do not have to be a tennis friend to be included. Anyone who knows us, knows that all family and friends are always invited. There is always room for one more.

2)Now this one I have not run past any family members yet, but, as you may know, Ken was Leo Kottke's biggest fan. He loved inviting people to Leo concerts, which are fairly intimate, and very entertaining. So stay tuned to an invite to see Leo in concert, in memory of Ken. His birthday is 7/29. Will have to check the schedule and plan ahead.

I'd always thought of having Leo come and play at KG's funeral if he ever passed before me. hahaha..if I couldn't get Leo here, maybe we could go to Leo.

PS-New Leo Kottke music just found on playlist. There was only 1 song before. So enjoy the musical memories, if you were privy to such, or enjoy as a newbie if you are meeting the music for the first time, courtesy of Ken.

****It would be an understatement to state that we are miserable without him. Please forgive us any lapses, as we find our way without him. This road is so very difficult to travel.

xo Lydia

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